22-Pistepirkko - Bare Bone Nest - 2 LP (uusi)


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22-Pistepirkko - Bare Bone Nest - 2 LP (uusi)

2Don't Go Home Joe
3Don't Play Cello
4You're Mine Blues
5Shot Bayou
6Night Train Miss
7Fly On
8Bone Bone Baby
9Round Table Blues
10 Till The Day I Die
11 She's So Alone
12Save My Soul
13Bare Bone Nest
14Rebel Grazy
15Pills (Bo Diddley)
16Bone Bone Baby (Hip Hop Ways)
17Roundtable Blues (demo)
18Hot Wire
19Regulary Man
20Spanish Sun
21If I Ever
22What Have You Done, Again?
23Back To The Riwe
24I Will Always Be On Your Side

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